War is over! (if you want it)

13 04 2008

Why are there so many wars in the world? are they really necessary? are they an inevitable consequence of human nature? what is really behind them? Can they be stopped?

It seems obvious to me that, in a sense, war is in our genes. We all (or almost all) care more about ourselves and those closest to us than we do about more distantly related individuals. Consequently, many of us will not resist the temptation, provided the opportunity presents itself, to take advantage of other human beings (see also L5 in my previous entry). This, in turn, is the source of conflict, since oppressed people usually don’t content themselves with that status…

Or do they? If people who are oppressed don’t realize about their situation (maybe because they have been born into it and take it for granted, or because they are actively kept ignorant, or both), then they are much less likely to rebel against their oppressors. This is clearly what happened, for instance, to African-American slaves. But does it still happen in our modern world? 

Those who hold a lot of power have plenty of opportunities to prey upon the vast majority of the population. And facts demonstrate that they don’t resist the temptation to do so. First of all, they have total control over our money supply (through the Federal Reserve and other central banks) and they use that power to steal our money and property by means of the hidden tax called inflation (i.e. they create new money out of nothing to pay their bills, but that causes prices to increase, with the final result that their bills are paid by making our dollars lose purchasing power).

Not only do humble people pay the bills of the very rich, but they do so without even noticing it. Since the vast majority of the population does not understand the nature of inflation, the end result is that they don’t even know that they are being exploited, that they would be much better off if the fruit of their labor was not parasitized upon by those who are supposed to work for them (instead of the other way around). If you think about it, it does not look so different from slavery: the main difference being that we are part-time rather than full-time slaves…

What does war have to do with inflation? A lot, as it turns out. Those who can create money out of nothing actually like doing it, since they are the ones who decide what to do with the money. War is the perfect excuse for them to print huge amounts of this new money, which is then pumped into the large corporations of the so-called military-industrial complex. These military contractors are themselves under control by the very rich members of the establishment, who in this way get even richer. The bankers also get their big piece of the pie, for they are allowed to charge interest by “lending” this money they create out of nowhere. And, of course, politicians also get very nice sums in exchange for awarding contracts and other privileges to their friends the big bankers and industrial moghuls. 

Therefore, war is an extremely profitable business for those people in our society who are already very rich. But, as we all know, there is no such thing as a free meal… These people’s profits are at the expense of the vast majority of us. First of all, at the expense of the lives and efforts of the soldiers, who are fooled into believing that they fight for a just cause, when the truth is that they fight in order to perpetuate a social injustice of which they themselves are victims. But they are not the only ones to pay so that the rich can get richer: the rest of us also do, by having our savings and wages lose purchasing power.

We are all fooled, big time. The establishment forces have a very tight control over all mass communications media (they have had such a control since the time of JP Morgan, see The Capitalist Conspiracy). Even the most prestigious newspapers and TV channels are manipulated. Their bias can be subtle, though: their journalistic practices may be perfectly good in most areas, but they simply have taboo topics that they will never mention. The Federal Reserve monopoly over banking and the creation of money, for instance, is untouchable: we will hear plenty about Microsoft monopolizing the PC market, but nothing about the biggest monopoly of them all. Nor will we hear about the Council on Foreign Relations and its role as the de facto government of the United States (again, see The Capitalist Conspiracy).

9/11 was an inside job. It was created by the American establishment in order to manufacture the consent it needed to launch the War on Terror. This war is meant to last indefinitely and serve as an excuse for the elite to strip us of what we still have left: our rights, our liberties, our money and our property. So far their plan has worked remarkably well. We, the people of the world, need to stand up and rebel against this huge injustice. Right now awareness is the critical issue: make sure you understand the situation well and then try to educate those around you (again, I highly recommend the book The Creature from Jekyll Island, see my previous entry). 

Unfortunately, war is not over yet, but, as John Lennon and Yoko Ono said, we can finish it, if we want it. Power to the people! 




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